Carpe Diem !


Other people: “Ahhh I just love semiaquatic Australian guys”


Me: “Yeah, I know just what you mean”


(Source: phinferbulous)

Red Skull: Look around you! Now that you have no powers, you have no friends, no allies, you have nothing!
(Baljeet catches Iron Man)
Iron Man: We have a Baljeet.


Phineas and Ferb is so diverse

it’s a mixed family of half brits half gingers with their friends, the Mexican-jewish feminine action girl, the genius Indian boy, the Japanese-american girl, and a pet platypus that’s practically married to his german ‘nemesis’, whom maintains a relationship with his daughter despite her being out of his custody and him being ‘evil’

like holy butts tumblr level of social justice why does nobody talk about this